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Health Care

Major Medical and Dental Insurance – To ensure that our staff members receive the best major medical/RX and dental care options, BESTech offers a comprehensive plan through AETNA. Vision, STD, LTD and Life Insurance are provided by United Healthcare (UHC). With the AETNA program, staff members have the flexibility of a PPO plan design and the full coverage of large local, as well as nation-wide, networks of physicians and other medical providers. Plan participation includes all preventive care needs, hospitalization, and prescription drug coverage. There are no primary care physician requirements or referrals for services needed.

UHC also provides a complete dental program which includes all preventative services as well as a high level of coverage for additional services. Each family member benefits from an annual dental services allowance of $1,000. As a dental PPO plan design, participants are able to benefit from in-network dental services or the flexibility to seek services from a dentist outside of the network.

Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance – All full-time staff members receive long term disability insurance at no cost to the employee. The LTD benefit provides for income replacement at 60% of monthly earnings. Staff members are able to participate in the short term disability program on a voluntary basis.

Life / Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance – BESTech provides all full-time staff members with a standard Life/AD&D insurance policy of $25,000 at no cost to the employee.

Financial Benefits

Retirement Plan – BESTech understands how important retirement savings is to its staff members. To help support your retirement savings goals, we offer participation in a SIMPLE IRA (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees). This type of retirement savings plan offers the same great advantages as a traditional 401k such as pre-tax savings. In addition, this plan comes with an excellent match from BESTech – a dollar-for-dollar match of up to 3% of your earnings. Staff members are also immediately 100% vested in employer matching contributions. American Funds, a leading provider of SIMPLE IRA plans, offers our staff members with exceptional investment options which to address the investing needs of all types of investors whether you consider yourself an aggressive investor, conservative investor, or some degree in between.

Flexible Spending Account – BESTech staff are able to take advantage of pre-tax payroll deductions to help support the daily costs of medical (eye exams, office visit co-pays, orthodontia, etc.) and/or dependent care expenses (nursery school/preschool, adult day care, before and after school care, etc.) which qualify per the current I.R.S. guidelines.

Direct Deposit – Direct deposit is a great way to have your paycheck automatically deposited into up to 3 different bank accounts in up to 3 different banks. BESTech employees enjoy free checking and other services at the regional bank chain to which the company is affiliated.

Employee Services

Performance Reviews – BESTech performs performance reviews on an annual basis. Staff members with at least 6 months of service at the time of the scheduled reviews will receive a review. Managers and Supervisors may perform out-of-cycle reviews for the purposes of position change, performance improvement or other similar circumstances.

Education Assistance Program – Staff members are encouraged to take advantage of the Education Assistance Program for both professional and personal skills development. Staff members are reimbursed tuition and other course related expenses based upon the achievement for the course. Courses taken in pursuit of an undergraduate degree or for entry/mid-level certifications generally carry an annual reimbursement maximum of up to $2,000. Courses taken in pursuit of a graduate degree or for senior level certifications generally carry an annual reimbursement maximum of up to $5,000. Staff members are eligible for reimbursements for the referenced education expenses upon completion of one year of service with the company.

Employee Referral Program – BESTech recognizes the value of new hire referrals received from current staff members. Bonuses are payable to the referring party after new hires have met the service requirement. Bonus amounts are determined by the level of the position at time of hire. To receive a bonus, the referring party must be an active BESTech staff member when the new hire meets the service requirement.

Employee Assistance Program – This is a free 100% confidential service available to all staff members and their dependents. Counseling and referral services are provided via toll-free phone interchanges and via in-person sessions. Counseling and referral services include areas such as: marital, financial, and drug/alcohol rehabilitation.

Time Off

Personal Leave (Paid Time Off/Vacation) – For maximum flexibility, staff members receive “personal leave” which is inclusive of vacation and sick leave. Staff members accrue leave each pay period. Leave is earned at the following levels:

  • 0-3 years of service – 3 weeks per year
  • 4-10 years of service – 4 weeks per year
  • 10+ years of service – 5 weeks per year